I've been working a lot with herbal infusions lately for myself, mostly nettles, but today I decided to add some color to my life via flowers: calendula, passionflower, red clover, hibiscus and pink roses

Infusions (using water) are different from herbal tea in that you still pour boiling water over them, but you infuse them for longer. I like to let them sit for 4 hours or more. I put my herbs or flowers into a mason jar, pour boiling water to the top, put the lid on and let them sit for several hours. You can even let them sit overnight if you like. These should be drank within a day or two and kept in the refrigerator after they've cooled. 

I didn't pick these flowers for their medicinal properties. I just went outside, saw all the beautiful colors and started picking. I had intended on doing a mugwort infusion today but the plants had other plans for me. Within just a minute or so the water color starts to change. The vibrant red of the hibiscus is taking over!

I'm looking forward to drinking my flower infusion after dinner over ice.