Yesterday I was working in the yard and had to get into a patch of ragweed. I knew what it was and knew it would likely ruin me for last night and today, but I like to live dangerously so...
Soon after, I was sneezing and feeling stuffy. And this morning I woke up with a terrible headache. I kept telling myself to go make some goldenrod tea but other things kept getting in the way. Mainly, a trip to Lowes to get a bucket with a lid for nettle compost tea and potting soil to prepare plants to come into the house soon. I can feel the crunch of fall hitting and started a too do list so I won't forget anything.
So now it's 6:00pm and I still feel the effects a bit but haven't made the goldenrod tea. However I am making a beautiful batch of soup with what I have in the fridge and assorted herbs.

2 Boxes of organic Vegetable Broth plus 2 veggie bouillon cubes and some salt
New Zealand Spinach
Fresh Nettles
Bay leaves
Fresh Thyme
Fresh Rosemary
Fresh Lovage
Fresh Cuban Oregano

I feel like this soup will bring me out of it. if not, there's always goldenrod tea.....later

If you've never heard of New Zealand Spinach and you grow your own greens, I highly recommend this one. I've had the same plant going for three years. Before it frosts each year I bring it in and put it in the basement under grow lights with other tender plants. It produces all winter long. When it gets warm, I take the pot outside and leave it all summer.

The nettle compost tea is started. I will use it to fertilize the tender plants that are going into the basement. Aside from major plant nutrients nitrogen and potassium, nettle compost contains iron, magnesium, sulfur, calcium, copper and chlorophyll. My little plants will love it!