Please choose Cold Process Soap or Custom Scented Soap

Types of Soap

I want to explain about the 2 different kinds of soaps I offer here.

1) COLD PROCESS- The first type is called Cold Process (pictured above). These are big loaves made from scratch with oils, lye, fragrance/essential oils and additives. The entire loaf is scented and so each bar, when cut, has the same scent. Turnaround time for these is 4-6 weeks, as these bars have to cure. I may list bars before they are ready to ship, but this will be noted in the description so you know there will be a delay.

2) The second type of soap looks like the ones pictured above and is what I call custom scented soap. I offer this type in shea and hemp base. I keep  large batches of unscented, uncolored base on hand. At any time I can make individual bars using this formula. To this base I add fragrance or essential oils, herbs and flowers from my garden and other additives such as oatmeal and sometimes soap safe colorants. These bars are very moisturizing and great for that quick fix for people in a hurry for certain scents. Best sellers include Mixed Mint, Birthday Cake, Lavender and Patchouli Hemp.  Turnaround time is 1-3 days for these.

I'm committed to only using sustainably harvested palm oil in all my soaps. For more information about why this is important please google "palm oil and orangutans". All soaps are suitable for vegans.

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